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Secret view of an evil wizard

Secret view of an evil wizard
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You might have wondered, how a princess of noble viking blood, mixed with that of a black caribbean pirate, even in peacefull Denmark can walk the streets in peace, from the normal masses of suitors, worshipers and devotees.

Well the truth is, as dawn breaks through the window of my bedroom, I transform my self into a evil black wizard. Yes, in true form, wielding the forces of the universe with a flick from my finger, I wander the streets among unaware ordinary people, like a shadow of a black hole, harnessing the forces of a supernova. Of cause one need to be carefull wielding such power, thus only in the hiden I summon spirits and commune with gods, but doing the laundry stretches my limits as to what I, either as princess or wizard, can stand and tolerate due to my high station and birth.

Thus doing laundry, in secret, I use my powers of telekinesis to untangle, shake and hang it to dry. As we see, it does take some concentration and, of cause, a low chant is mandatorily required.

Studying the picture you might think to yourself... “but...isn't that...a hand? There...on top left!?”

I am impressed, you don't miss a thing do you :o)

Well as said, I need to keep a very low profile wielding magic, so I used several hours photoshopping a hand in place, to make it LOOK as if I am actually “holding” the duvet cover in my hand. As I, to be honest, fear the consequences of either CIA, Mosad or Dansk Folkeparti should get hold of the original picture and so, the intelligence of a wizard alive in this century.

Hovering among the top 10 on the “almost extinct species” list, can be rather... conspicuous, in a bad way that is.. you see. That is also why I feel the need to hide my face, as my male identity is VERY secret, hush hush, deep deep, undercover.
Date: 2012-04-17 20:56:38

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